Search Engine Optimization Evolution

After just about 25 years since its conception, search engine optimization has made a huge transformation. From a very simple endeavor, it became a complex set of procedures that are evolving on a yearly basis, just as the search engine themselves undergo huge chances. Today, SEO is able to connect generations of SEO experts who were dedicated to providing an always rising reach to their clients’ websites. For anyone who wants to become a part of this process, it is important to understand where the same venture came from. Here is a detailed look at the search engine optimization evolution over the years and decades.

The Early Phase

The first website in the world was launched in 1991 and in the years after that, additional ones began cropping up. The first initiative to catalog these websites came about in 1993 with the Excite project. With the idea in its infancy, bigger companies started to form up. That is why Yahoo came about in 1994 and Google was created in 1997. All of them were dedicated to cataloging content online and providing their users with a means of searching it and finding what they are looking for. Naturally, websites began to use the factors of the search process to provide their pages with a better position in the search ranks, usually by circumventing the actual purpose of the search engines.

SEO Safeguards are Created

With the start of 2003, Google team realizes that there were many websites that are manipulating their algorithms for their benefit. That is why the company decided to create a standardised set of rules for boosting the website likelihood of being discovered and penalising anyone who tries to work around the same rules. This was especially hard felt for anyone who was using illegal backlinks and keyword stuffing to gain bigger reach. At the same time, search engines were slowly moving to domains like maps, local businesses, and other data transmitted online.

The Merging of Information Sources

The next big step came when Google decided in 2009 to merge different content into one Universal search. This was the moment when the search engines recognized that new trends, like social media or Google news, impact the way people search for their information. SEO procedures since then on had to take into consideration not just the websites but also the surrounding ecosystem of information.

The Modern Times

Right now, the SEO process is at a junction. From one side, there is the constant struggle between automatization of data outputs and the need for privacy. This impacts the SEO procedures greatly because if it did not, a website could harvest a whole lot of data from its users. At the same time, users themselves are looking for more breathing space when it comes to online marketing, include SEO services. Now, agencies working in the SEO domain are engaged in building quality links and increasing search authority through the general quality of content, knowing that search engines will penalize anything else. On the other hand, the search algorithms are evolving and continue to march forward.

As the search engine optimiSation evolution continues, only one thing is sure – incredible things are only yet to come.