Web Design – How to Design Your Website for Users

Effective web design is crucial if you want your website to be successful. When done well, it can help you get ahead of others vying for attention and visitors. However, not everyone knows what aspects are important, and that’s why these tips will prove very useful to you.

Readability is of paramount importance. Don’t use color combinations that make the site hard to view or read. Also, make sure that all written content is very visible and easily read against your chosen backdrop.

Most of the time, viewers will have an easier time seeing darker text presented against a paler background, instead of vice-versa. Have friends or colleagues look at your color scheme so you can get input.

The crew at Pearl White Media, a design firm in Montreal, say that for a website to be functional, it needs to work effectively for every visitor, regardless of what browser they are using. This means you need to have your website tested for all major platforms. If you only test for Chrome, given its popularity, your website might not look right in Firefox (which you can download for free here), Safari, or other browsers. Give every page of your site a look in each of the popular web browsers before you upload the website.

As a general rule of thumb, smaller pages are going to be better. Some online users, particularly those in rural areas, have slower connections. They can lose interest when a website is taking too long loading. This can also be an issue for mobile users with lagging wireless connections. Avoid making any visitors to your site having to wait for long page loads. Otherwise, they’re likely to give up and navigate elsewhere.

Think hard about the background of your website. Some sites use animated images as their backgrounds. For a fun personal site, that can be occasionally acceptable, but it might also be seriously distracting for any readers who have a hard time focusing on the text. Choose a wallpaper that is complementary to your design so your users can have an easier time.

If you’re going to be designing a larger website, be sure that you implement the power of site-searching capability. Include a search box, often put at the upper right corner of your homepage, that lets users search for terms as they appear everywhere on your site. Google and FreeFind are among many search plugins you can easily incorporate into your website.

Always check for broken links. Double-check them before you upload them. Visitors that encounter broken links are going to get frustrated with your site and possibly leave for other content elsewhere. Broken links can also hurt your site’s reputation in the eyes of search engines like Google that are trying to index and rank you. Run your entire website on a regular basis through a backlink checker to be sure everything is still up and running.

You can build websites much easier if you use a development platform. Many of these are user-friendly, and spare you having to write out code by hand. They’re also helpful in designing your website’s primary features. Just be sure you have a text editor handy if you want to minimize bugs and errors have tremendous personal experience in website coding.

Make sure that your website pages have mobile versions. Google is starting to really emphasize mobile content, given the growth of smartphones and tablets. Without mobile versions of your site, your desktop version might not even rank as high or get indexed in the first place.

As you know, great website design can truly help your website and online content. Good design helps your online property stand out from the crowd and establish a successful presence for you. Use the tips you have learned here to make your website an effective and efficient one.

Don’t Hire Video Production Services without Asking These Questions

Let’s say you’re doing a video for Savannah web design. Here is how to proceed. 

People love videos because they add more depth to all types of messages that want to be conveyed to an audience. Productions that use videos make better presentations than those without one. 

There are a lot of good reasons why you should hire video production services. However, the quality of videos should always be your top priority. To ensure that you will be getting videos of high quality, you have to entrust your project to a qualified company that can meet its demands. 

You can ask some key questions first to help you narrow down your search for the best video production service perfect for your project in mind. 

Does the Video Production Company Give Ideas to Improve the Project? 

While your own idea should be the priority, there are some elements in video production that you probably don’t know yet but can have a positive impact on your production. By hiring a company with deep technical knowledge and a creative team, you can have the assurance that elements you overlooked or things you didn’t make good decisions on will be corrected to come up with a powerful video. Take time in listening to these ideas and incorporate them to your project. You will surely be surprised how working with such company can benefit your project. 

How is the Clientele Base of the Company? How Satisfied and Happy are Their Past Clients?

The video production company’s current clientele has a lot to tell about its professionalism and quality. One simple and easy way to tell the potential a company has for your own project is to look at how content and happy past clients are with its video production services. You can try to get in touch with firms that recently worked with the service just so you can check how satisfied they feel with the final results they got. 

Do You Get Along Well? 

It is an extremely important question but sad to say, there might be no way you can answer it until later on in the production process. But, you will be able to tell how well you can get along with the company’s production team from the very first discussion of the project. The team should be composed of great listeners who show interest in your requirements and ideas before they offer any recommendations to make improvements. It is very important to get along for a successful process of video production. See to it that you love the entire team you will work with and drop them right away if they are difficult to work with. Communication and respect must be your key determinants. 

Do You Like the Videography Style of the Company?

Filmmakers are the ones who bring out a video’s characters and the specific style they will use during the video production can tell you how well they can achieve it. Editing, color grading, equipment used, music choices, and shots chosen for the video make up videography style and they also determine the final results. Video production companies have different styles so your primary goal must be to pick a style that will match exactly what you want to portray with your video. 

Search Engine Optimization Evolution

After just about 25 years since its conception, search engine optimization has made a huge transformation. From a very simple endeavor, it became a complex set of procedures that are evolving on a yearly basis, just as the search engine themselves undergo huge chances. Today, SEO is able to connect generations of SEO experts who were dedicated to providing an always rising reach to their clients’ websites. For anyone who wants to become a part of this process, it is important to understand where the same venture came from. Here is a detailed look at the search engine optimization evolution over the years and decades.

The Early Phase

The first website in the world was launched in 1991 and in the years after that, additional ones began cropping up. The first initiative to catalog these websites came about in 1993 with the Excite project. With the idea in its infancy, bigger companies started to form up. That is why Yahoo came about in 1994 and Google was created in 1997. All of them were dedicated to cataloging content online and providing their users with a means of searching it and finding what they are looking for. Naturally, websites began to use the factors of the search process to provide their pages with a better position in the search ranks, usually by circumventing the actual purpose of the search engines.

SEO Safeguards are Created

With the start of 2003, Google team realizes that there were many websites that are manipulating their algorithms for their benefit. That is why the company decided to create a standardised set of rules for boosting the website likelihood of being discovered and penalising anyone who tries to work around the same rules. This was especially hard felt for anyone who was using illegal backlinks and keyword stuffing to gain bigger reach. At the same time, search engines were slowly moving to domains like maps, local businesses, and other data transmitted online.

The Merging of Information Sources

The next big step came when Google decided in 2009 to merge different content into one Universal search. This was the moment when the search engines recognized that new trends, like social media or Google news, impact the way people search for their information. SEO procedures since then on had to take into consideration not just the websites but also the surrounding ecosystem of information.

The Modern Times

Right now, the SEO process is at a junction. From one side, there is the constant struggle between automatization of data outputs and the need for privacy. This impacts the SEO procedures greatly because if it did not, a website could harvest a whole lot of data from its users. At the same time, users themselves are looking for more breathing space when it comes to online marketing, include SEO services. Now, agencies working in the SEO domain are engaged in building quality links and increasing search authority through the general quality of content, knowing that search engines will penalize anything else. On the other hand, the search algorithms are evolving and continue to march forward.

As the search engine optimiSation evolution continues, only one thing is sure – incredible things are only yet to come.

Web Design Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Web DesignIf you’re interested in web design, you’ve come to the right place. There are quite a few options out there that you can learn from or people that you can hire if you’d like. Here’s is a reputable web design company that will help you get started on designing a website:

Websites need to be simple if you want them to be visited frequently. If you make it really complicated to use, people will back out of the site because they won’t know much about how to get to where they need to be. Try to make it easy to just do one click to get to a certain part of the website so you don’t end up confusing your visitors. If they can’t get anywhere they need to be in at least 2 clicks, then you need to rethink the navigation on the website you’re building.

A website should be put together with a certain color scheme in mind. Go and look at popular websites and it will become clear that simple is a lot better than making something that is overly complicated to work with. You don’t want to use too much art when designing your website, because people may not understand what they are supposed to do. Hold the hand of your visitor when possible, because you want them to be able to find what they are looking for easily. Once you do put together a nice site, people will compliment it if it’s easy to understand without any help.

If you’re going to hire someone to work on your website for you, then make sure you pick out people that have good example work to show you. For instance, you’re going to want someone that has a website they offer their services on that is well made. They should also have links on their site to some of their past work so you can see if it’s any good. Everyone has their own style, so you want to make sure that who you hire has a style that works with the website vision you have in mind.

Before you work with a website maker, look up any reviews you can find about their services. You want to make sure that you’re working with someone that has a good reputation and not just someone that are not going to do that good of a job. If they are new to the field, then they at least need some kind of proof to show you they are serious about website design. If there is nothing out there about their services, then it’s wise to go with someone else that is capable of proving they can do the work.

There are a lot of web design options to choose from. You’re just going to have to go through them to find what works for you. Once you can do that, you’ll come up with a website that has the best look to it and a style that’s all your own.

Powerful Factors For Ranking High In Search Engines

As a web design company, we know that if you want to rank on page one of the search engine results pages (SERP) you have to focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) and website design, to achieve high organic rankings.

The problem is that Google keeps moving the goal posts and over the years, they’ve introduced a whole host – heck, practically an entire zoo – of algorithm updates. The over-riding reason for these updates has been to provide searchers with the most relevant results to their queries, which is admirable. However, these continual changes mean that a website’s SEO has to be kept up-to-date, in order to rank well.

To date, we still do not know what factors search engines actually use to rank each web page, but keywords, back-links and anchor text have definitely been the most powerful factors determining high organic rankings. The word in the industry however, is that all three of these factors are to one degree or another, becoming less dominant in organic rankings.


So if keywords, backlinks and anchor text have lost their appeal – what is left?

Well at the moment, you still need to focus on these three factors, to achieve high organic rankings in the serps, and most probably always will, but the following factors should also be considered:


Both of these terms are concerned with links and refer to instances where a web page might rank for a keyword, but has no anchor text using that keyword or any on-site optimisation for that keyword.

How does this happen? Well, the best way to explain this is with an example. Imagine you have a business creating IT/AV/Software for other businesses. A number of high ranking websites refer to your business and state that you created corporate training videos for them. Over time, your business may start to rank for the keyword phrase corporate training videos, even if you have no on-site optimisation for that phrase. This is co-occurrence.

Co-citation is where for example, website A mentions or refers to website B and website C. By virtue of being mentioned by website A, search engines will now see that website B and C are related to one another.

So co-occurrence is where the very presence and frequency of similar keywords, referring to your business, exist across multiple websites, without the use of targeted keywords or anchor text. Co-citation is based on the similarity between two or more websites, based on being mentioned by a third-party, authoritive website.

There may or may not be actual hyperlinks, with or without anchor text, but the point is that anchor text is not the important factor here – the fact that a search engine identifies a relationship between websites is what helps to boost your organic rankings.

Co-occurrence and co-citation are founded on having high quality content that is good enough to be shared across the internet (more on this below).


This is all about search engines wanting to provide relevant results on the serps and is based on content and credibility. For a search engine to understand your brand, it is important to identify your brand within the context of your online content, whether that be on your business website or within a directory, for example.

One of the best ways for search engines to understand your brand is for your audience to understand your brand. As people begin to associate you with certain keywords, targeted or otherwise, the search engines will pick up on these cues. Being consistent in your branding message is important here and will help search engines to decide your relevance and to organically rank your brand for generic keywords or phrases.


Authority sites are those that have high quality content that is frequently shared, lots of traffic and are seen as a resource. It is a useful website that people want to visit because of the quality of the content, it is seen as trustworthy and has lots of links to other good quality sites.

A well-known indicator that search engines use to determine whether a website is an authority or not is the number and quality of backlinks. Being seen as an authority can influence your organic rankings, so it pays to consider the following factors:

How much traffic your site receives and your bounce rates because they reflect your popularity and relevance

Social signals are becoming more important over time and whilst are not directly included in Google’s algorithms, they do have far reaching consequences in terms of sharing

Brand mentions – how often your brand is mentioned on other websites

The domain authority based on the quality of back links and content on your website


Having high quality content that engages your audience and having authority within an industry, being seen as a resource – all helps your social influence. The more people share your content, not just across social media, but throughout the internet – the greater your social influence.

It is important to communicate with your audience via your brand, your unique value proposition and your advertising as well as by commenting on other people’s work or participating in social networks. All of this communication influences your social standing, which increases your organic rankings in the serps.


Whilst the importance of backlinks may be losing its importance, the more natural your backlinks and the better quality these backlinks, the better your organic rankings. Natural links can be achieved by a combination of all the above factors – social influence, authority and engaging content.

A few effective strategies that you can incorporate into your marketing strategies to create natural links are:

To run competitions and advertise them via your social network and other websites. This will help to increase links to your website from Twitter and Facebook, as well as from the websites that agree to promote your competition or host a guest blog.

Create evergreen content such as tutorials, lessons, case studies, reviews or lists. This will keep people returning to your website, and be seen as an authority and a resource. Links will then develop naturally.

Provide research supported by current data. People love new data and search the internet for good relevant sources of information. So if you provide business data, statistics or the results of surveys that others can use, as part of your content, people will begin to link to your web pages as the source of this data.


It is unlikely that keywords and key phrases, anchor text and backlinks will ever become unimportant factors in organic rankings. Search engines however, particularly Google, are moving to a more organic interpretation of relevance, based on social influences and the wider community.

Overall, it appears that the understanding, acceptance and standing of your business within the online community, measured by a variety of different factors, are the drivers that will influence your organic rankings in the serps, for the foreseeable future.

eCommerce Development: How Can 368 Durham Help You?

As internet users continue to grow in number, many people believe that eCommerce will soon become the best way to complete business transactions.


An online business doesn’t have to make a website for each language. Through good marketing, each customer across the world may find the business website, information, and products without leaving home. With a bit of research, every business may set up recurring payments. Look for a provider that suits best for your needs and billing can be done consistently.

Through eCommerce, there’s no need for you to check to clear or wait for several days for some kinds of payment. Transactions are cleared easily or at most 2-3 days for the money to clear throughout your banking system. Overall, eCommerce also brings new capabilities and technology to business.

Get eCommerce Development at 368 Durham!

Brian says:

With eCommerce development,

each product can be at the tip of your fingers. It streamlines everything from computing to business marketing, communication, transactions, and business processing. In fact, with a well-developed website, it doesn’t only add value to your service or product being offered, but also improves the company’s worth. Thus, it is essential that a company picks the right development strategy for you to acquire the greatest return on investment.

At 368 Durham, it is well-aware of the diversity of eCommerce models, systems, and applications that vary in size from small stores to big companies. It also knows that it needs a variety of development approaches and methodologies.

368 Durham aims to take your business to digital age. With this in mind, they build responsive applications online while evaluating your needs and respond with the solutions that would make a difference. They can also build customized eCommerce systems and websites for those who want to set apart from others and stay at the top of the competition.

With the years of experience of 368 Durham professionals in this field, expect that your business will always stay at the right direction. They stand out from the competition in their ability to develop some custom solutions for your business while providing exceptional website design solutions.

Online sales

The 368 Durham Difference in eCommerce Development

eCommerce development isn’t something that can be done in DIY and 368 Durham is aware of that. If you have a business idea in mind and you don’t know how to execute it, there is nothing you should worry about as 368 Durham is always here to help you.

368 Durham likes everything that challenges them. So, whether you need complex eCommerce development services or simple ones, rest assured that the team of 368 Durham/Oshawa can take care of that. The only thing you should do is to tell them what you really need and they’ll proceed through evaluating first your concerns and choose the best solution that will match on your requirements.

Are you in need of eCommerce development? Look no further and never hesitate to contact only the best in the market and that is 368 Durham!

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